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If you can walk you can kiteboard

The youngest student taking our kitesurfing lessons was 6 years old at the time and the oldest guy to grace the waters at the Fisherman Huts with a kite is 80 years young. He still lets out a hoot every time he launches into in the air. Even though some get a little nervous at the beginning you can rest assured, in our kitesurfing lessons we guide everybody through the process gently, patiently, with an accent on safety covered with a healthy dose of experience. Generally nobody stands up on a board in their first kitesurfing lessons with the exception of an odd few. That’s why we recommend the 4 lesson package.

All our lessons are semi private! Kitesurfing made easy by Kitesurfingaruba


Kitesurfing Aruba

1st lesson (2 hours) 
 $180,- per lesson

Our beginner lesson starts on land with a trainer-kite teaching how to steer the kite and power zone fundamentals. After mastering kite control (45min – 60min) you will be ready to get in the water. We will teach you how to set up an inflatable kite, how to connect the lines and how to use the safety system. Be ready for your first ‘body-dragging’ session.
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Aruba kitesurfing

2nd Lesson (2 hours) $230,- For a 2 lesson package

We will teach you how to body drag with one hand so you can get back to the same place you started. Which is important to retrieve your board. After that you will learn how to get in the footsteps of the board and learning your first ‘waterstart’.
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kiteboarding aruba

3rd Lesson $320,- For a 3 lesson package

We will working on improving your waterstart and comfortable riding your board in either direction. The focus of this lesson is to get you to become a more self sufficient kiteboarder.
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aruba kiteboarding

4th Lesson   $400,- For a 4 lesson package

This our most popular package. We are the only Kitesurfing School in Aruba who “GUARANTEE YOU RIDING” after the 4th lesson! We are the most experienced school on the island having taught over 10,000 people to Kiteboard safely. At Armando’s Kiteshack Safety comes First!

Our most sold course
kitesurfing fisherman huts

Extra Lessons   $140,- We also do discounts depending on your previous package

Depending on your progress or goals you can always take some extra lessons with us. Or you can also go into our Rental Program
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Armando Wester

advanced / private course  $100,-  per hour

Armando and his team of experienced instructors can teach you any trick. Advanced lessons always start with you being more efficient on the board.
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