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While hunting bigger waves as a windsurfer in Hawaii in 1998, Armando met Kite-Surfing for the 1st Time, at this place called kite beach, where he jumped to the opportunity to learn the experience for about a month, where he bought his first kite and fell in love with the sport. Landing back on Aruba, he couldn’t wait to share his discovery, and so began Armando’s Kite Shack. By the then Fisherman Huts, which had not only the right location, but shallow waters and perfect wind. His windsurfing experience gave him the insight of this place which now is known as Aruba’s Premiere Kite Spot for more than 2 decades, home of moonlight parties and world known the Aruba Hi-Winds Competition


Why Learn How To
Kitesur With Us?

Most Experienced

Armando was the first kitesurfer and the first kitesurfingschool of the caribbean. He has been teaching watersports his whole life.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you did not ride, you get your money back! Everybody can learn how to kitesurf!

Honest prices

We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive. With us you get the bes bargain for your buck!

Best location

Flat and shallow water with steady winds.


Kite-Surfing made easy by Armando’s kite shack

As the first kitesurfing school on Aruba we have been
giving "riding guarantees" after the 4 lessons
package since 1998!


Every now and then, he jumps in when he can to join you on the water to take your kiting skills to the next level.


Best Known As “Colombia”

Fell in love with the sport about 20 years ago and never left, now he shares this love with our guest.


The son of "Colombia"

Has been with us for more than 10 years, who grew in his father’s footsteps in the world of kiting.


Well Known As “Gochi”

Originally from Venezuela, is this stubby guy, with a good sense of humor and a great teaching charisma, very eager to get you riding.

Allesandro Ferrari

Is the fast and smooth surfing instructor that used to have his own kite school in Margarita, and now chills by the shack, sharing more than 20 years of experience.


Is the latest one in the team, transitioning from windsurfing to kite-surfing, is this Caribbean French giant that looks like he just came out of a modeling casting, to grab some waves on the beach.


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