The Fisherman’s Huts

The Fisherman’s Huts

The stereotypical azure blue waters, along a white sandy beach that you can walk along during a sunset is exactly what the Fisherman Huts. The “Huts” as it’s also called, or Hadicurari by the locals, is Aruba’s premiere kitesurfing spot for beginning windsurfers and freestylers alike. The combination of a relaxing beach atmosphere, calm waters and the relaxed attitudes on the beach make for an ideal place for a kitesurfer’s family.

Rent a Board

Fisherman Huts: General

Distance: Close to hotels/restaurants etc.

Experience: From Beginner to Advanced.

Crowd: Many beginners inside, outside not crowded at all.

Wind: Gusty inside, constant outside.

Fisherman Huts: Swells

Swell consistency: Rare, mainly due to cold-fronts.

Direction: NNE to West @ 8-9 seconds 

Size: Knee to 2 ft overhead.

Wave-type: Offshore, soft/gentle, sandbar seaweed & urchins.

Tides: The lower the better.

Fisherman Huts: Ride length (for kites only)

Normal: 50 meters

Good Day: 150 to 250 meters

Beware: The wind is offshore. Just ask us to keep an extra eye out for you in case you need a rescue.


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