The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

OK, this spot is straightforward; it’s strictly for the advanced kiter. If your wife or husband is a nervous wreck about you going kiting you have two choices, either, you don’t tell her, or you just don’t go.

And even if your partner is not a nervous wreck you would probably be stopped by her/him.

Rent a Board

There is no rescue boat because it can’t even make it out. On the bright side, should you fall or drop your kite in the water, the current will bring you back for sure. There’s a catch though, chances are you’ll end up on the rocks.

The bottom also goes from relatively deep to about 3 feet in a very short distance causing a very “slabby” wave to form. This spot is only fun if you’re seeking a rush because you want to dodge some heavy, thick and nasty lips that come crashing down. Jumping and tricking-out is not advised for your own safety. And be sensible, never go here by yourself, consider yourself informed.

On a more historical note.

Many years ago there was a ship that sank near by these same shores named “California”. It is after this ship that the lighthouse and surrounding area is now named. This lighthouse sits on a hill with a majestic view of Arashi beach, Fisherman Huts and the whole strip of hotels.

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