The Kite Appartment

Have the full Armando’s KiteShack/KiteSurfing Aruba Residency experience
Bed, No Breakfast

The entrance to your home away from home, Aruba’s Best Beds without Breakfast.

The facilities reflect a true tropically relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed to fall in place with any kitesurfer’s expectations. The garden is decorated with various palm trees and other tropical flora. It even includes the family's parrot, Carlitos.


Our accommodation is located within a 4 minute drive from Kitesurfing Aruba. The bed and breakfast is also located very close to the rugged north-shore of the island. The terrain in the back stretches all the way to the North-shore and contains some of the most popular mountain-bike tracks Aruba has to offer. Arriving at the North-shore there is also a little surf spot called Urirama. This is strictly for the advanced surfer.


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