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Armandos right

Armando’s Right is a spot named after Armando himself, the founder of Kitesurfing Aruba. The reason for this is that he was the first person to be seen surfing this place when other well-known surfers decided to search the coast on a day with a particular swell direction and size. You could have guessed already, this place does not break often, but needs specific swell parameters to start breaking. The wave starts out steep and goes to a thick wave. On a big day the wave will continue and go from thick to steep again later on. Go with a local in case your interested.

Armando's right

Armando’s Right: General

Distance: Remote, yet close to hotels and restaurants. Also between “lighthouse”, Westpoint and Arashi
Experience: Striclty for advanced riders.
Crowd: Never crowded, potentially surfers in the water.
Wind: Constant.

Armando’s Right: Swells

Swell consistency: Rare.
Direction: NE to North starting at 9 seconds > & ~9 feet >
Size: Head to double-overhead.
Wave-type: Off to side-shore, steep to soft/gentle and back to steep.
Bottom: Rock and reef.
Tides: No specific tides.

Fisherman Huts: Ride length (for kites only)

Normal:~75 to ~100 meters
Good day: ~100 to ~200 meters

Beware: the wind is offshore and so is the current. Swimming back in case of emergency is also very hard.